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Brand of the elite in the world of cryptocurrencies
Complete development
Crown website iphone X mockup
Crown website iphone X mockup

The Client.

Crown (CRW) is a digital commodity and application platform for driving technical & financial innovation. The platform seeks to combine the time-tested elements of existing institutions and new possibilities which have become achievable only through new discoveries of the cryptocurrency community. Crown is currently traded at a stock market Bittrex.

The project has ambitions to become a global platform and a significant player in the field of cryptocurrency.

The Task.

The task of our team was to create a new shape of the web. A shape that would represent the very roots upon which the idea of the project was built. The symbol of a crown, as a heritage carrier, represents these roots on one side and a vision of modern decentralized economics on the other. The connection of these two counterparts inspired the design that we created for the Crown community.





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